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Free Family Fun

Sonoma County Fair

Community Concert Series

The Community Theater stage will be packed with nightly entertainment and concerts which will all be FREE with Fair admission. Get details on our Headlining Concerts page.

Barrel Racing, August 3 - 5:30 PM


Barrel Racing at the Sonoma County Fair

Speed is what it’s all about in this event that pits contestants against each other and the clock. Riders steer their horses around a series of barrels, coming as close as they can to shave precious seconds off the clock. Fast and furious, this sport is exhilarating for rider and spectator alike!



Free Cake at the Sonoma County Fair!

There's always a reason for free cake! Stay alert...when you see the cake cart arrive, get in line and claim your free piece.

FREE Clover Ice Cream!

Clover Ice Cream at the Sonoma County Fair

Don't miss your chance to receive FREE Clover ice cream at the Clover Sonoma Pasture, everyday from 1:00 - 4:00 pm or until supplies last!

Tour the Fair on a Horse-Pulled Wagon

Horse-Pulled Wagon at the Sonoma County Fair

Free Rides Daily this is the way to see the Fair’s famed Livestock Area—from a wagon pulled by draft horses. You’ll roll along past the sheep barns, the cattle barns and the livestock area. Catch a ride at the "Welcome to the Livestock Area" sign. Check your daily schedule for times.

Daily Parade

Daily Parade Floats at the Sonoma County Fair

Strolling bands, floats, giant puppets and kids in costume are just the beginning! The Parade starts at 5:00 pm and lasts just 15 minutes. If you would like to be in that parade, just go to the staging area (by the Milk Barn) by 4:45 pm. You can march along while playing a drum, twirling a baton, wearing a grape costume or pulling a wagon...there are possibilities to fit all sizes and talents. We want YOU to be in the parade!

Calling All Superheroes!

Step into the nearest phone booth and put on your cape and mask! In addition to paying tribute to first responders, this year’s Fair also features the other kind of hero… the cape-wearing, super powered, cartoon superheroes! Young superheroes-in-training are invited to wear their superhero costumes to the Fair. On arrival, go to an Information Booth and claim your free kids ticket to return to the Fair on another day!

Young fairgoers are invited to be a part of the show three times a day as ‘Heroes & Superheroes’ take over the Kids Area stage. We are paying tribute to all kinds of heroes in the Kids Area, with fun art projects, hands-on activities and games.

All of the superhero fun culminates on August 12, Superhero Sunday! Marvel Comic stars Black Panther & Spiderman will be on hand from 1:00 to 7:00 pm to meet superhero fans of all ages. Other Superhero Sunday activities include the ‘Run-Jump-Almost Fly!’ superhero obstacle course, and superhero trivia and look-alike contests.

SUPER SUNDAY at the Fair!

August 12 1:00 to 7:00 pm
Special Appearances by BLACK PANTHER & SPIDERMAN!
2:00 - 4:00 pm Super Run, Jump & (Almost) Fly – Community Theater
An obstacle course for young would-be superheroes.
2:45 pm Superhero Look-Alike Contest– Family Fun Stage
This Look-Alike Contest will be divided into categories for adults and kids, with costumes divided between homemade and store-bought.
3:45 pm Superhero Trivia Quiz – Park Stage
Answer questions about superheroes movies & be a winner! All ages!

Elvis is Everywhere

On Saturday, August 11, we pay tribute to the King with “Elvis Day at the Fair”. This year’s celebration promises a day filled with non-stop entertainment and fun. Events include afternoon performances and a day filled with Elvis-themed audience participation events. In addition to the scheduled events, keep your eyes open for extra surprises. You may get a chance to take part in the Teddy Bear Toss or taste some of Elvis’ favorite foods (fried peanut butter & banana sandwiches, anyone?). You might even run into our roving Quiz-Master and get the chance to win an Elvis-themed prize by proving how much you know about Elvis! The highlight of the day is the musical Impersonation Contest, featuring ten Elvis impersonators performing with Buzzy & the Buzztones, competing for a $1,500 cash prize!

San Francisco Street Performers

San Francisco Street Performers

Henrik Bothe, Comedy Juggler
Henrik’s “Physical Comedy Show” starts with comedy magic and juggling and goes on to escaping a straight jacket while riding a unicycle. And if it isn’t too windy, there may be plate spinning! (Three shows a day, 8/6 - 8/12)

Michael Stroud, Magician
Get ready for fun, as Michael blends comedy, audience participation, circus skills and surprises with special effects in every show! A master of close-up magic, he may cause borrowed objects to float in the air and coins to turn invisible and reappear right in your own hand. He performs amazing acts of mind-reading, and demonstrates incredible card tricks. (Three shows a day, 8/3, 8/8, 8/9 & 8/11)

Ryan Kane, Magician
Be ready for a show filled with cool magic tricks! Ryan’s one man show features a hefty dose of magic, comedy, and audience interaction. (Family Fun Stage, three shows a day, 8/2, 8/4-8/7, 8/10 & 8/12)

Scotty & Trink, Comedy Jugglers
Scotty & Trink are the best juggling duo on the Fair circuit. Their show includes lots of physical comedy – juggling, giant unicycle and audience participation. In keeping with this year’s Fair theme, Scotty & Trink will be juggling vegetables, so watch out for the flying eggplant! (Family Fun Stage, three shows a day, 8/2 - 8/5)

Wild World Tour

Creature Features!

Brad’s World Reptiles will take fairgoers on an interactive ‘tour’, featuring amazing animals from the tropics, temperate zones, and arid regions of our planet. Walk through a tropical rainforest with giant green anacondas swimming in their pool, then look up to see green tree pythons lazily draped over branches, while tokay geckos echo their enchanting call through the forest. Then meander into the temperate zone where blue-tongued skinks and legless lizards are waiting, with a variety of turtles and amphibians, some poisonous, nearby. Passing into the arid region you’ll find the venomous gila monster, several species of rattlesnakes, and a variety of beautifully colored king snakes. Finley Hall from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm.

CPR Training

CPR Training at the Sonoma County Fair

Save a life! Come to the First Aid Booth to learn how to perform hands only CPR. Training from 4:00 - 5:00 pm daily. Provided by American Medical Response & Save Lives Sonoma.

Treasure Hunt

The Amazingly Super Sonoma County Fair Treasure Hunt will lead you around the fairgrounds as you fill your Treasure Hunt Book (available at any Information Booth) with stamps and win a small prize. As you go, you will learn some surprising things about all kinds of super heroes!

Harry Potter Wizard Fest

Wizard Fest

Harry Potter Day at the Fair - Sunday, August 5
Would-be wizards are invited to gather at the Sonoma County Fair on August 5 to celebrate 20 years of Harry Potter. Wizard Fest is packed with contests, activities and fun for fans of all ages. Afternoon activities are geared toward younger Harry Potter fans, though all ages are welcome. Evening events are meant for older Harry Potter fans, who may have enjoyed the books and movies as they first came out.

Afternoon events include contests such as Mixing Magic Potions, Moan Like Myrtle, Harry Potter Look-Alike, the Junior Trivia Quiz and more. Check the contest schedule and plan your visit accordingly. Those interested in the Harry Potter Original Art Contest can create an entry any time between 12:00 and 3:00 pm

In addition to the scheduled contests, the afternoon is filled with fun on-going activities. Fans can stop by the Readers’ Corner and read from their favorite Harry Potter book. The chess boards will be set up, ready for muggle chess, or the wizard variety, if anyone is so inclined. Tea cups and tea will be available for tea leaf reading, with assistance from an experienced reader. You can practice writing with a quill -- but you have to provide the magic yourself! A turn around Madame Hooch’s Broomstick Obstacle Course (brooms provided) provides good exercise for beginning flyers.

Aspiring wizards will enjoy The School of Magic show at 3:10 pm, with tips from a professional magician. A special demonstration of Wizard Science at 2:00 pm will include some spectacular sights!

Older Harry Potter fans are invited to join us for ‘Harry Potter All Grown Up’ in Slider’s Sports Bar. The evening will begin at 7:00 pm with a pub-style team trivia contest, followed by the Harry Potter Tableaux Contest and a costume competition. The evening will be filled with surprises designed to appeal to lifelong Harry Potter fans. To reserve a spot for your trivia team, email:

Sourdough Slim

SourDough Slim

Sourdough Slim is a one-of-a-kind performer; he sings songs of the old west, tells stories and recites cowboy poetry, teaches the audience how to yodel and sing along. (Three shows a day.)

Jack Spareribs, pirate magician-ventriloquist

This is no ordinary pirate! This Captain has a talking monkey and entertains with hilarious magic, dangerous juggling and jaw-dropping illusions. (Three shows a day.)

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