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Pre-Fair Contests

Sonoma County Fair

Read, Write, Create & Win!

Entry Deadine: July 1

Welcome! There are months to go before until fairtime, but now is the time to start entering pre-fair contests. You will need to use your reading, writing and artistic skills to win. Prizes include Fair Passes, Carnival Tickets, and even cash! One free single day admission pass will be given each person who enters a contest, limited to one pass per person regardless of the number of contests entered. (Excluding the coloring contest. Coloring Contest entrants will receive a discount admission ticket.) Passes and ribbons will be mailed out after July 22.

Some contests are just for kids, and others are open to all ages. Each entry must be the work of the contestant only -- no team entries, but you can discuss the possibilities with your friends and family. Only one entry per contestant will be judged. The Sonoma County Fair will have rights to all original artwork; all entries will be displayed at the Fair. Entry Deadline: July 1, 2020.

Contests for All Ages

These contests are open to all ages, and entries will be separated into age categories before judging. Only one entry per contestant will be judged. Winners will receive Family Fair Packages (Fair tickets, carnival tickets and parking passes) or Fair tickets.


Use crayons, colored pencils or felt pens to color your own version of this year’s Fair logo. Use an official entry form or a copy of the form on white paper. Use the official Coloring Contest entry form! Coloring Contest Entry Form

CREATE A PICTURE POSTCARD A Contest for Artists of All Ages

When you take a trip, you can send a picture postcard home to your friends. In this contest, you get to create a postcard showing your idea of the perfect tropical vacation spot. It might be an island paradise or the perfect beach! You can use crayons, paints, pencils or felt pens, but computer graphics, tracing or photos are cheating - use your homegrown artistic talents! Postcard Contest Entry Form

This year we are celebrating ‘Pirates, Princesses & Mermaids Too!’ in the Kids Area. Contestants of all ages are invited to join in the fun with these Pre-Fair Contests.


We’ve all seen lots of make-believe princesses on tv and in the movies. They wear fancy dresses and have adventures. We don’t usually see princesses doing the dishes or working on their math homework. Imagine a princess lives in your neighborhood. What is she doing right now? For this contest, you need to think about the kind of life a princess ‘next door’ might have and write her story. Princess Next Door Contest Entry Form


You’ve been asked to hire a crew for a pirate ship. You need to put together a form telling potential pirates everything they need to know about the available jobs. (You can fill out the online entry form, or download the form and attach your answers. Pirate Contest Entry Form

  • This isn’t a regular company, but potential crew members will still want to know what they are getting into. Start by describing the ship and the captain. Possible things to include: Who is the captain? What kind of boss is he or she? What’s the name of the ship? What part of the world does the ship sail?
  • List the Job Duties & Responsibilities. After you have listed the traditional pirate activities, consider some other jobs. Not everyone wants to spend their days waving a sword around, but you may still want them in your crew. Are there other jobs available?
  • Necessary Skills. What do your pirates need to know how to do?
  • Benefits. Why should they want to come and work for you? Are you promising a part of any treasure? Are there opportunities for advancement? Will this be a positive experience? This is where you need to convince applicants that this is the job they want.

Just for Kids

Reading & Riding

Sponsored by Butler Amusements

Who Can Enter? Sonoma County Kids grades K to 6
Prizes: Earn Free Carnival Rides!
Butler Amusements offers 2 Free Carnival Rides to kids who read extra books between April 1 and JULY 1! Students in Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades can read picture books. 3rd-6th must read chapter books. These should be extra books, not books assigned in class. To enter, read, then fill out the entry form. The Fair will send you a ribbon and two free carnival ride passes in late July.
Reading & Riding Entry Form

Sticker Contest

Sponsored by Santa Rosa Label Co.

Who Can Enter? Sonoma County Kids grades K to 6
Prizes: $100—1st $50—2nd $25—3rd (in two age groups)
This year’s Sonoma County Fair theme is ‘Tropical Fairadise.’ When you visit the Fair you will find beaches, tropical birds and even pirates! On your entry form, design a three-inch sticker that will make people want to come to the Fair, including at least part of the them. Draw with markers or colored pencils, using no more than 3 colors (black counts as one of the colors, but white doesn’t). You can include “Sonoma County Fair,” but your entry shouldn’t look like the Fair logo. The winning sticker in each age group will be printed by Santa Rosa Label. Winners will receive 100 stickers produced from their art; the rest will be given out at the Fair. Use the official entry form! Sticker Contest Entry Form

Tips for Sticker Creation:
The circle isn’t very big and you want people to be able to get your message from a distance.

  • Keep it simple.
  • Keep your words short.
  • Don’t try to include too much.
  • Make sure any lettering is clear.

It is okay to discuss it with other people, but the idea should be all yours. No help -- you do the drawing, lettering and thinking on your own! Make sure you count the colors in your sticker before you send in your entry and make sure there are no more than three colors (including black). You can’t win if you use too many colors!

Contest FAQs!

  • Are these contests just for kids? No! Some are (Sticker & Reading), but the others are for adults too.
  • Where do I find the entry form? If you download a contest from this web page, it will include one entry form. If you need more entry forms, feel free to make copies (on white paper)
  • What’s the deadline? Entries must be mailed by midnight on July 1.
  • Does everyone get a free Fair ticket? If you enter the Coloring Contest, you get a $5 discount on Fair admission. If you enter one or more of the other pre-fair contests, you get one ticket to the Fair. You get a participant ribbon for each contest entered. Tickets & ribbons will be mailed out before the Fair starts.
  • What can I win? Many contests offer Family Fair Passes (carnival tickets, fair admission and parking) as prizes. Sticker winners get cash prizes. Participants in ‘Reading & Riding’ get free carnival ride tickets.
  • Why do I have to give my address and phone number? Your address so we can send your ribbons and free ticket (and your prize if you win!). Your phone number and email address allow us to get in touch if there is a problem with your entry. Your contact information will removed from your entry before it goes on display at the Fair. All entries will be displayed at the Fair.

Contest Rules

Unless the Contest Description says differently...

  • This must be your original work. Don’t let anyone help you!
  • No team entries.
  • Entries will be divided into age categories before judging. In other words, grown-ups won’t be competing against kids.
  • The Sonoma County Fair will have rights to all original artwork; all entries will be displayed at the Fair.
  • Only one entry per person, per contest!
  • If it isn’t the Coloring, Sticker or Reading & Riding Contest, tape an entry form to the back of your entry.
  • Mail your entry by July to: Sonoma County Fair: 1350 Bennett Valley Rd., Santa Rosa, CA 95404

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